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Patients experiencing hair loss may benefit from low level laser therapy (LLLT) as a nonsurgical way to help treat hair loss. LLLT preserves and stimulates the hair follicles in patients with hair loss disorders, such as male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Plano, TX hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Joseph Yaker, offers this technology in a portable hands-free device called the LaserCap®. This device allows both men and women to receive treatment in the comfort of their own home, without any side effects.

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How It Works

LLLT preserves and stimulates hair follicles through a process called phototherapy, where specific wavelengths of light from laser diodes increase blood flow and cellular energy production to the hair. This pain-free process helps make hair cells function better, improving hair quality and strength.  Whether used in combination with other nonsurgical treatments or hair transplant procedures, LLLT has the potential to significantly slow down hair loss and promote hair growth by improving the health of hair follicles.


Until recently, low level laser technology was only available through in-office devices, in hair hair clinics. Introducing the LaserCap®. This take home device contains 224 individual 650nm/5mW laser diodes in a portable, lightweight, dome-shaped casing that surrounds the scalp in pulsing low level laser light. LaserCap® offers full head coverage and clinical laser therapy quality that can be worn outside of the doctor’s office. Patients simply place the LaserCap® inside of a hat and wear the device for approximately 30 minutes, three days per week.  Patients can comfortably perform essentially any activity while in use, including exercising. Because hair growth is a slow process, aesthetic results may be visualized 4-6 months after beginning therapy. Results will vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of treatment. In comparison to other devices, the LaserCap® is discreet, more powerful, and available by physicians only.



The LaserCap's 224 pure laser diodes provides extensive scalp coverage

Example Before & After Images


Male Images


LaserCap Example Before & After Image of Asian Male's Scalp


LaserCap Example Before & After Image of White Male's Scalp


Female Images


LaserCap Example Before & After Image of White Female's Scalp


LaserCap Example Before & After Image of White Female's Scalp


Best Candidates

Any male or female who has androgenetic alopecia may benefit from LLLT. Dr. Yaker will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your candidacy for the LaserCap® and walk you through the treatment process. The LaserCap® synergistically works with other nonsurgical hair loss treatments to provide the best outcome.

Expected Cost

LLLT using LaserCap® runs about $1,699. There is also a lifetime warranty on the device.

Follow Up

Routine follow up visits are an important part of Dr. Yaker’s individualized HairScan Plan to preserve and restore hair with any form of nonsurgical therapy. By tracking each patient’s hair growth progress (length, thickness, density—how much hair is present in an area of scalp) every 4-6 months using advanced hair and scalp software and scanning technology, Dr. Yaker can determine whether the specific treatment(s) is effective and tailor treatments according to each patient’s response.

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