Consultation Room - Plano Hair Restoration Center

About Our Consultation Room

Hair loss can be emotionally draining for men and women. Many patients come to Dr. Yaker feeling desperate and worried that their hair loss is permanent and that help cannot be achieved. With so many hair loss and hair restoration treatments available, it is important that our patients are informed and educated so that they can walk away feeling confident and relieved in their treatment decision. Dr. Yaker’s appointments are scheduled so that each patient gets a thorough assessment. He begins with conducting a comprehensive medical evaluation that includes hair loss history and a hair & scalp examination. He then uses cutting edge imaging software for consistent before and after photo documentation. From there, he creates a customized plan that may or may not include surgery, depending on the amount of hair loss that is present, as well as the patient’s aesthetic goals. Dr. Yaker will make sure that every option is looked at during the consultation so that his patient’s hair loss can be slowed, stopped or restored.